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I'm Sorry.

My Mum and her husband have been married for 10 years, together for more than that. It feels strange to call him my step dad as we are very close in age (he is only a few years my senior) but if you were to picture what a good step dad is and does - you would be picturing him. Dave has always been there for my girls and I. They call him Grandad and he proudly lets them. He is involved in every aspect of their lives and his approval means more to them than anyone else's, even mine. He is their only male role model and they couldn't have a better one. It made me so happy when one day,  my eldest daughter said she is going to marry a man exactly like her Grandad- hard working, kind, strong and all about family. Dave is the first person I call when something terrible happens as he always knows the answer. I am a never ending disaster and he has never judged me. In all the years he has been around, Dave has only shouted at me once. One time! When I hit a parked car and drove away, …

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