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Fat kids.

As I was paying in my local corner shop a newspaper headline caught my attention. In bold it read "CHILDHOOD OBESITY CAUSES OUTRAGE".  Being the idiot that I am, it made me giggle. The image of a swarm of fat kids running amok causing chaos and outrage tickled me. But by the time I had walked from the shop to my car, I no longer thought it was funny. 
Today in the UK it is estimated that a whopping third of all children aged 2 to 15 are obese. That is a staggering amount. It makes sense I suppose that as we adults get bigger and bigger so do our children. It may sound strange but it makes me feel conflicted. It makes me feel hypocritical, sad and most of all guilty. Who has to take the blame for this ( what the media is calling) epidemic? It is a well known fact that we are lazier than ever before. The majority of us live a fairly sedentary existence- Cars instead of walking, fewer and fewer children, especially girls, getting into sports. The very real fear of strangers an…

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